About Bombastic Frippery

What is Bombastic Frippery? Well, it’s the kind of phrase that happens when you think “Pompous Frivolity” lacks poetry. All kidding aside, Bombastic Frippery is Sarah L. Crowder’s occasional newsletter containing personal (often humorous) essays, and a peek into her fiction-writing process.

Sarah L. Crowder has written stage plays that no one has seen, short stories with an audience in the tens, and three execrable first draft novels that may become readable with intensive revision. She has hosted poetry readings, self-published a chapbook called “The Turnip Made Me Do It,” and long ago had an essay featured in a writing handbook for college students. She is also an actress and singer. “In the City,” a radio theatre piece she wrote and starred in, was a finalist for the Golden Reel Award and also received a Special Merit Award from the National Federation of Community Broadcasters.

Sarah L. Crowder would like to assure you that she’s one of the very best Sarah Crowders available anywhere. No, you probably haven’t heard of her. But if you subscribe to Bombastic Frippery, you will eventually be able to say, “I was reading her before any of you yokels even knew who she was!” Be the super-suave sophisticate who jumped on this literary bandwagon first.

Bombastic Frippery is released on an irregular schedule, so each missive is like a pleasant surprise in your inbox. (We understand that your attention is a limited commodity, so we’ll rarely post more often than once a week.) Bombastic Frippery is currently free for everyone, so no need to worry about paid-post FOMO.

(Still not convinced? Check out the archive.)